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   On Farm Trails are conducted on different crops after diagonising the problems in specific areas of the district. Various multilocational trials on farmer's field are laid for assesment of proven technology and its refinement to suit the local conditions.


S.No. Season/Year Title of  OFT Treatments
1. Kharif-2012 Integrated nutrient management in Knol-Khol T1 Farmers practice (only FYM)
T2 Knol Khol cultivation with RDF(N100P50K50) i.e urea=180, DAP=110, MOP=80 kg
T3 RDF+ vermicompost(4 t/ha)
2. Kharif-2012 Effect of Bio-fertilizer on production of pea (Ankur variety) T1 Farmers practice (only FYM)
T2 Line sowing +RDF (N50P60K50) i.e urea=60, DAP=125, MOP=80 kg
T3 RDF + Rhizobium seed treatment
3. Kharif-2012 Evaluation of Bush Type T1 Farmers Practice( no FYM)
T2 Intercropping + RDF
T3 Baspa + RDF
4. Kharif-2012 Weed Management in Marigold T1

Farmers Practice ( Hand weeding)

T2 Pre-emergence spray Atrazine @ 1.5 kg/ha
T3 Pre-emergence spray Atrazine @ 1.5 kg/ha + hand weeding








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